Guide to a Family Holiday in Florida

Florida, or the 'sunshine state' as it is popularly known, is a popular family holiday destination attracting legions of parents and kids in search of sun and some fun. Although there are several accommodation choices available for the high-end and budget traveller, the more popular options are the holiday villas and apartments, which offer all facilities of a hotel coupled with the space and privacy that only a home can provide.

By far the main draw in Florida is Orlando thanks to its numerous theme parks including the SeaWorld, Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort. Added to these are the water parks, movie studios and entertainment facilities and so there is something for everyone - for all ages and for all tastes.

However, go beyond the Mickey Mouse and the water-rides and you will find there is more in store - from freshwater lakes to winding waterways; from hills and forests to exciting cities; and from an extensive 13,560km coastline to numerous bays, islands and inlets. Add to all this the fabulous climate and you have a perfect setting for a memorable holiday in Florida.

If you are interested in some great wildlife encounters, you can head to Busch Gardens, a huge amusement park in Tampa Bay. The park features interesting wildlife from Africa such as zebras, giraffes and antelopes. Besides, you can also enjoy some thrilling rides such as the Kumba.

For some real jaw dropping thrills head to Universal Studios where you can experience the terrifying sight of a great white shark slicing its way through the waters towards your boat.

No family holiday in Florida can be considered complete without a visit to the world's biggest amusement park, the Walt Disney World Resort. There is much in store here, from exploring science at the Epcot centre to visiting the Magic Kingdom; and from some fun safari adventures through Animal Kingdom to visiting the world of movies at Disney MGM Studios.

You can also visit Key Largo and swim with the dolphins. There is also a dolphin camp where you can learn more about these mammals.

Then there is the SeaWorld in Orlando which is a favourite with the visitors. One of the country's biggest marine parks, it features sea lions, dolphins, seals and otters among other sea life.

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